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Behind the Rainbow

An African adventure, an attempted military coup goes wrong when a journalist stumbles across poaching of Elephants report emanating from Tanzania. She discovers that the poaching is funding the attempted coup. Her investigation takes her into the citadels of power and her life is placed at risk. The closer that she gets to the truth, the more menacing the threats with the ultimate result being carnage.

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James Smythe is promoted to Commander and given an undercover operation in Birmingham He is tasked with infiltrating a school that is suspected of radicalising its students. Smythe’s investigation identifies a key leader of the jihadi group who is a highly ranked official attached to some government schemes. MI5, have cleared him for a senior appointment when Smythe raises doubts about his motives. MI5 and MI6, tell the Home Secretary that Smythe’s investigations are flawed. Smythe submits proof of his team’s findings but is not believed. Smythe persists with the Home Secretary until some action is taken, but it is far too late. The attacks begin, and they are planned for coordinated attacks across the country, that have a devastating impact. It ends in a final confrontation in London where all hell is let loose.

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Femme Fatale

In 2007 Hezbollah attacked Isreal with devastating consequences. The Israeli airforce retaliated and forced Hezbollah back to the Bekaa Valley. As they bomb and strafe the retreating forces they hit a centuries-old winery and then a house with a family of five. Haifa el Bani, a sixteen-year-old girl, was trying to help injured soldiers when the bombing started. She ran back to the house and was just inside when the first bomb hit the house, she was saved by being covered by the kitchen door landing above her, but her family, that was hiding in the cellar, were all killed.
Haifa suffered in a refugee camp where she was brutally raped and left for dead. She recovered and an old man, ex Jihadist, trained her hand to hand combat techniques. She took her revenge on the three men, one by one. She was then recruited by a Hezbollah scout and taken under the wing of that institution. She was taught the social graces that she would require and had an exceptional appreciation of fine wines and dining. Her training was complete when she had been taught to kill efficiently and quietly. Her final training was in all forms of seduction and she was then placed with a Dutch-Lebanese family. Her mission was to move to London, with the rich family, infiltrate society and hen use her skills to attack the upper echelons of the governing classes. She had been convinced that the armaments used in the Israeli attacks had been supplied by the United kingdom.
All went well until she met James Smythe and her world was turned on its head.

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Commander Smythes, recuperating on leave in Botswana, is drawn into the devastation of the poaching of the elephant and rhino. The whole of Southern Africa is under attack by these poachers and ivory and horn are shipped out of  Dar as Salaam by the cartel leader Moosa. Smythe brings his ex-military team out to Botswana and they are tasked with helping his friends, Angela and Don Scales, the owners of the concession. Moosa has bought and threatened people in power across Southern Africa and except for South Africa has had a free hand in his activities. When Smythe‚Äôs team intercede, hen he takes immediate action against them. What he does not realise is that these men are no ordinary rangers, they are well trained and battle-hardened men. They also have at their disposal drones that will swing the balance in their favour.
Moosa uses everything in his power to remove Scales and Smythe with increasing frustration as each move is blocked or neutralised. He cannot allow this to happen as he would lose face and soon be overthrown by his opposition, with whom he has dealt with in the past, with deadly force. He calls in the experts and they set out to deliver the final blow that will see the end of the resistance. This results in a final showdown that shocks everyone.

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Dog Training For Beginners

This is a useful guide to how to train a dog regardless of its age. It gives in detail a step by step instructions on training methods that I have found to be successful. The final parts of the guide take the reader down the path of more enhanced control of your dog(s) in any situation. There is nothing difficult to learn, nor will this take countless hours and your dog(s) will be happier and more content afterwards.

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